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All Seafood Holiday Meal

Although I love all the holiday food that includes baked turkeys, roasted wild ducks and geese, turduckens and all the popular sides like rice dressing, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole and a whole lot more, I often host an all-seafood holiday meal. You might want to entertain the idea of doing this for your family and friends.

If you can, get a sack of oysters to shuck for oysters on the half-shell – some to serve with cocktail sauce (a combination of ketchup, horseradish, hot sauce and fresh lemon juice) and others to prepare for oysters Bienville. Then again, you can fry some up to make oyster po-boys (don’t forget the French bread) and dress the sandwiches with tartar or remoulade sauce. If oysters aren’t an option, by all means, begin the meal with crawfish or shrimp boudin (yes, we have both on our website). Offer remoulade sauce in which to dip the boudin! Wonderful.

Move on to lobster tails (we have that too), which can be slow-poached in butter to prevent the tail meat from becoming dry and tough. I pinched the recipe for this from Thomas Keller at the French Laundry, and I think you’ll love this technique.

Maybe shrimp is more to your liking? Shrimp is so versatile – they can be boiled and served with cocktail and/or remoulade sauce. Try them tossed with salad greens and dressed with vinaigrette dressing for a light supper. Hey, get some eggplant and make eggplant Bechamel.

You can also opt to try our yellow fin tuna (sashimi grade). I’ll tell you how to prepare it for an appetizer or main course.

Order Your Gift Baskets Now!


And another suggestion, get out your Christmas gift-giving list and place your orders NOW for everyone on your list. We can make up gift baskets to include just about anything—pickled okra (great to plop in a martini), hot sauces of all kinds, mustards, jambalaya and gumbo mixes, spices, pralines and zydeco CDs! Your friends will love you when they receive one of our gift baskets.

The Holidays

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we’re on a fast roll to Turkey Day AND the Christmas holidays. Not only will there be many parties, but also there will be family gatherings and impromptu get-togethers. You need to stock up now on all our Louisiana goodies.

I’ve already put my order in for five turduckens (my personal favorite is the one stuffed with pork sausage) because I don’t want to be empty-handed. They are stashed in the freezer waiting to be pulled out for the party table. Turduckens can featured as your main course or to serve along with baked ham or your favorite wild game dish. Also, IF (and I do mean if) you have any leftover turducken, slap some slices of French bread to make an incredible sandwich. Dress it with Creole mustard! Wow! I’ve been known to drop a few pieces of turducken in my chicken and sausage gumbo – talk about a taste treat.

Speaking of gumbo, I heartily recommend Robin’s seafood gumbo. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but hey, only the best for your friends, right?

Great for Tailgating!

If you something if bit easier here are some ideas from our website. We have shrimp or crawfish pies as well as bite-size crab cakes, which can be heated before leaving the house and packed in insulated containers to keep them warm for service at the stadium. Bring along some tartar or cocktail sauce and you’ll have everyone eating out of your hand. Or, select from a large assortment of fresh and smoked sausages (to throw on the grill) and to serve with any of Tabasco’s condiments such as spicy mustard, spicy mayonnaise or spicy ketchup! That’ll get your taste buds tingling for sure!

And what could be simpler than carrying along a few jars of Tabasco’s 7-Spice Chili (original or spicy) to which you add to browned ground beef. Bring lots of crackers or chips! Hey, you might want to try Fowler’s False Alarm Chili Kit and make several batches of different kinds of chili! Baby, if it’s cold outside, chili will certainly take the chill off! Better bring some Zapp’s potato chips as well.

Now, you do have another choice for football parties. If you don’t want to make a trip to the stadium or can’t attend the game, by all means host a small party at your home to watch your favorite teams on the tube.

A slow-cooked brisket or a roast fillet of beef can be prepared ahead of time, then sliced thinly for sandwiches. Have pistolettes or an assortment of sliced breads or rolls to offer guests. To make a spread for the bread, combine equal parts of mayonnaise and Creole mustard.