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Oops! How can it already be the middle of summer? I haven’t done nearly enough of my favorite summer activities yet. For example, I love being cradled by my old canvas hammock while I read some trashy novel and sip on something cold like freshly made lemonade (with real lemons) spiked with refreshing mint leaves. Some hot afternoons find me in the line at the sno-ball stand trying to cool down. And of course, most of my evening meals revolve around my outdoor grill on the patio.

I’ll grill everything from asparagus to zucchini, and with kabobs I can do a lot of mixing and matching. Check out the recipes for some of my favorites.


Sometimes you need to toot your own horn and this is one of those times. Maybe some of you are great cooks, and then again, some of you may need some help. I recommend any and all of the cookbooks we offer. Of course, I’m partial to my own WHO’S YOUR MAMA, ARE YOU CATHOLIC AND CAN YOU MAKE A ROUX? But I won’t hold it against you if you order any of the other ones. And you absolutely need some Cajun or Zydeco music CDs to get your toes tapping and set the mood for a Cajun shindig. If you don’t already have that butane burner, YOU NEED ONE, along with all the gadgets to go with it—a pot, thermometer, a Tabasco apron and pot holders, and gumbo bowls. During the hot months, nothing is more refreshing than a <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Pat O’Brien’s hurricane</a> so you better stock up on their Hurricane Mix. Don’t forget the crushed ice and rum! You’re probably working up an appetite so order some crab burger to plunk on hamburger buns. Wow, what a sandwich! Dress it with garden-fresh tomatoes and dab it with tartar sauce for a real treat. Or, you could get some crabmeat with which to make a delicious casserole.



Memorial Day marked the unofficial beginning of summer and I’m looking forward to some lazy, hazy days filled with relaxation—swimming, fishing, grilling and lots of reading.

Without a doubt food is very important during carefree summer days. Order your boiled crawfish NOW because they will soon be out of season. Cover your picnic table with old newspapers on which to put the spicy freshwater crustaceans, chill down some soft drinks and beer (Abita beer if you can get it), and chill out. You might want to have on hand some of Louisiana’s favorite dipping sauces, like cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and remoulade sauce. We have theses and MORE from which to choose.

Another idea for summer enjoyment is fried turkey. The big bird is not only just for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s also great for any kind of warm weather gathering. My brother-in-law, Al Landry, prides himself on his fried turkeys and this is how he does it. BUT, I suggest you try any of our Cajun Injector seasoning mixes. I love the roasted garlic flavor! Oh, and don’t do this in you kitchen – this is for the backyard or the patio. You will need one of those butane burners with a large pot like the one you use for boiling seafood. Since there is a possibility of hot oil splatters, you might want to put old newspapers under the butane burner to catch the hot oil.

Seafood Boils and Other Outdoor Meals

The days are longer and warmer—ideal for any kind of outdoor gathering. My usual choice for such an event is a seafood party, which can include boiled crawfish, crabs and shrimp all cooked with small red potatoes, corn-on-the-cob (and anything else you might want to add to the pot). And speaking of pots, we have that as well as all the seasoning mixes you’ll need in which to boil your seafood.

Spread the outdoor tables with old newspapers, whip up some dipping sauce, put on some music (try our Rockin’ Zydeco Party CD to get you in the mood), and lay out the seafood. The aroma of all that cooking will certainly tickle the noses and taste buds. Oh, and don’t forget Louisiana brewed Abita beer (Abita Amber is my choice) or their delicious root beer. The kiddies will enjoy a root beer float – put a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass and fill it up with root beer. Make yourself one as well for a refreshing beverage.

When and if (fat chance) you tire of boiled seafood, you can always have a fish and/or shrimp fry. Hey, if you want oysters, add those to your fried seafood menu as well.

Again, you’ll need a dipping sauce. I tried Cochon’s Abita Beer Whole Grain mustard recently and what a fabulous flavor. Mix it with your favorite mayonnaise and pop it up with a little hot sauce (again your choice) and a squeeze of lemon juice, and you’ll experience real Louisiana flavors—ideal for boiled or fried seafood as well as crudités (that’s a fancy word for fresh vegetable sticks). Hey, I even spread that stuff on a hamburger!

And another idea for a late afternoon or early evening meal is a leisurely outdoor picnic. Our stuffed breads are absolutely perfect for this—heat them up, put them on a tray and ta-da, you have an easy, quick repast. Toss up a big garden-fresh salad and dress it with La Martinque True French Vinaigrette to serve with the stuffed breads. Or, make this wonderful marinated vegetable salad, which can be made ahead of time and stored in the ‘fridge until you are ready to serve.