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Mardi Gras

December/January 2011-2012

If you haven’t made your Christmas shopping list, then you had better get going. No, I’m not talking about your gift list, I’m thinking about your FOOD shopping list. Here is my list and all you have to do is go to and place your order NOW. 1. Turduckens (several) 2. Boudin (get all kinds) 3. Gulf Shrimp (order big and small – great for all kinds of party offerings) 4. Andouille sausage (for gumbos, jambalayas or throwing on the grill) 5. Stuffed breads (great for parties AND for giving) 6. Crawfish pies, meat pies and crawfish pies (ideal […]

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November/December 2011

Rat-a-tat! The pecans falling on the tin roof of my office sounds like gunfire. The squirrels are having a hey-day! I spent the better part of an afternoon crawling on the ground filling my bucket with Louisiana’s favorite nut while shooing away the squirrels. Here in the South, we are quite fortunate to have the pecan, sometimes called the Crown Prince of the Nut Kingdom and God’s gift to the South due to its versatility and the amount that is harvested—some 200,000,000 pounds average per year. This Native American nut is a member of the hickory family, and has a […]

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