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Memorial Day marked the unofficial beginning of summer and I’m looking forward to some lazy, hazy days filled with relaxation—swimming, fishing, grilling and lots of reading.

Without a doubt food is very important during carefree summer days. Order your boiled crawfish NOW because they will soon be out of season. Cover your picnic table with old newspapers on which to put the spicy freshwater crustaceans, chill down some soft drinks and beer (Abita beer if you can get it), and chill out. You might want to have on hand some of Louisiana’s favorite dipping sauces, like cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and remoulade sauce. We have theses and MORE from which to choose.

Another idea for summer enjoyment is fried turkey. The big bird is not only just for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s also great for any kind of warm weather gathering. My brother-in-law, Al Landry, prides himself on his fried turkeys and this is how he does it. BUT, I suggest you try any of our Cajun Injector seasoning mixes. I love the roasted garlic flavor! Oh, and don’t do this in you kitchen – this is for the backyard or the patio. You will need one of those butane burners with a large pot like the one you use for boiling seafood. Since there is a possibility of hot oil splatters, you might want to put old newspapers under the butane burner to catch the hot oil.


Life is good! It may be hot as Hades in the Deep South this time of year, but hey, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying seafood from our bountiful waterways. From the Gulf of Mexico and the adjoining bays, there are crabs (both hard-shell and soft-shell), shrimp, and a multitude of fish—speckled trout, redfish, red snapper and other deep-sea delights. Let’s begin with shrimp (available here on this website). You can make a glorious shrimp cocktail, an old south Louisiana classic. All you have to do is boil the shrimp, peel the shrimp, plop them in a cup of iceberg lettuce and drizzle with cocktail sauce—easy, easy. And, guest what, we not only have the shrimp, but we also have several great cocktail sauces. You don’t like cocktail sauce? Not to worry, we have remoulade sauce as well as a tart tartar sauce that are perfect condiments for shrimp as well as crabmeat and even fried fish! I must tell you that one of my favorite things to enjoy during the summer is a fried soft-shell crab. If you live anywhere in the Delaware/Maryland/Virginia area, see if you can get your hands on some and if you can, here’s a recipe that is spectacular.


Warmer weather means picnic time. You can picnic on the beach, on your patio, in your backyard or at your favorite park.

The meal can be as simple as wine, cheese and bread. Or you can carry along chilled, marinated vegetables stored in a wide-mouth jar, cold meats, assorted rolls, cold soup, wine, mint tea, cold shrimp or even fried chicken, coleslaw and other side dishes. Homemade cookies, chilled watermelon and seasonal fruits are ideal for summer picnics.

Better yet, let us supply you with all sorts of picnic items. For instance, there are Creole Stuffed Breads, all kinds of seafood pies, mini oyster and artichoke pies, and pralines. Easy enough, right?

The marinated vegetables are easy enough to prepare. See our Recipes section.


Summer has unofficially arrived and I am so ready for it.  After teaching fulltime since January at Nicholls State University in the John Folse Culinary Institute, I (like the students) am looking forward to a few weeks of rest and relaxation.  And that to me is chilling out—taking a cruise on Bayou Teche in my party barge in the early evening, grilling something on the patio or enjoying fresh seafood, cooking with local ingredients found at our farmers’ markets, and lounging around the pool with a cold, refreshing beverage in hand.

To take along on the boat, I opt for bite-size crab cakes (check it out on our website) and bring along some Tabasco Spicy Mayonnaise to spread on them.  WOW!