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Blue Magnolia Bread Pudding Mix

Louisianans love dessert, especially in pudding form. Instead of throwing stale bread away, early settlers would salvage old bread crumbs to create various stuffing and puddings. This Southern tradition is still going strong today, and we proudly offer a scrumptious selection of bread pudding mixes made by Blue Magnolia. Popular throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and the Carolinas, you can now make Blue Magnolia bread pudding in the comfort of your own home. We ship authentic Louisiana foods straight to your door so you can focus on creating new memories and traditions in the kitchen. Explore our selection today to find flavorful sweets for your upcoming party or anytime indulgence.


What Ingredients or Supplies Do I Need?


Each Blue Magnolia bread pudding mix is made from premium ingredients, but you will want to stock up on extra supplies to ensure your bread pudding bakes and tastes great. Every mix calls for two egg yolks, four cups of milk, and bread. Blue Magnolia recommends that you use a 2.5-quart baking dish or a 9 x 9 baking pan to prevent your bread pudding from overflowing or becoming too flat.


If you decide to add fresh fruit to your bread pudding, you should subtract an equal amount of milk to achieve the correct consistency. Take your bread pudding to the next level by serving it with a pecan-praline, raspberry, rum, or simple vanilla sauce. No matter which way you slice it, your bread pudding will satisfy any sweet tooth.


What Kind of Bread Should I Use?


Traditional recipes usually call for brioche or challah breads, but you can just as easily substitute those for four small hamburger buns or croissants. Regardless of which you choose, your bread should fill the pan half-way.


Looking for a flavorful treat to serve at a fall festival or autumnal party? Blue Magnolia bread pudding mix is available in Pumpkin Spice to satisfy seasonal dessert lovers. If you have any questions about our dessert selection, shipping, or joining our rewards program, please contact us today for further assistance. When you choose as your go-to source for fresh foods and desserts, you also receive a great value. Browse our inventory today to stock up on Louisiana delicacies.


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