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COMMUNITY Coffee & Chicory Rich and Flavorful

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Our Price:   $17.14
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Brand:   Community Coffee
Item Number:  2707
Package Description:  23 oz. (1.5 lbs.)
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COMMUNITY Coffee & Chicory Rich and Flavorful

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  • Formerly labeled as COMMUNITY New Orleans Blend Coffee & Chicory

    A New Orleans tradition. Noticeably smoother and more full-bodied than other brands, Community's New Orleans Blend is a perfect balance of medium dark roasted coffee and imported European chicory.

    HOW TO BREW THE PERFECT CUP OF COMMUNITY COFFEE Steps: Start with a clean coffee brewer. Periodically clean your coffee brewer; otherwise, an invisible film of oil will form, making each batch taste rancid.  Use fresh, cold water. We recommend using bottled or filtered water. Heating water or allowing it to stand makes it taste flat and stale.  Never guess amounts. Measure two tablespoons for every six ounces (3/4 cup) of water.  To prevent bitterness, always remove the grounds from the brewer as soon as the brewing cycle is completed.  Stir or swirl the coffee in a bowl before serving. Coffee is best if served immediately, but will retain its flavor for up to 20 minutes.  Proper temperature to brew coffee is 195-200F, +/- 5 degrees.

  • Brand Community Coffee
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    Size 23 oz. (1.5 lbs.)