Original and Spicy Chili Mixes

Whether you find yourself in the dead of winter or the sunny tropics, there’s no denying the richness of a well-made chili. Although gumbo, jambalaya, and hearty seasonings are well-known when it comes to Louisiana cuisine, chili is another Bayou favorite. We offer a wide selection of chili mixes. Some like their chili hot, and others like their chili hotter! Explore our variety of spicy chili mixes to take your taste buds for an unforgettable tour of the swamp. Browse our product inventory today to stock up for upcoming celebrations, sports events, holidays, or any occasion.

Our diverse selection of original and spicy chili mixes includes much more than just mixes. Explore seasonings, kits, and chili starters to recreate the authentic flavors of Louisiana within the comfort of your own home. Chili starters are an excellent alternative to preparing complex ingredients for a weeknight meal. Give yourself a break and let our selection of chili starters do the work. The bases we supply include four-bean and Homestyle variations and they’re each very easy to make. Just brown the meat, add the chili starter, and heat them up before serving.

Traditional chili mixes are fun and easy for the whole family to make. We supply kits that feature individual packets of spices, cayenne, masa flour, and salt, so you can season your meat just the way you like. Try something a little different in your chili. We offer white chicken chili kits for individuals, families, and chefs looking for a healthy alternative to red meats. Regardless of which chili kit you choose, you can elevate the experience by adding it atop burgers, tacos, salads, and other delicious meals. Our premium selection of chili sauces features natural vine-ripened tomatoes, sun-drenched green chilies, piquant onions, and fragrant blends of herbs and spices. has more than 20 years of experience supplying quality Cajun foods and products to customers throughout the country. Try something unique for dinner, an office potluck, a birthday party, or any special occasion by browsing our premium selection of chili mixes. If you have any questions about our product selection, contact us today and we’ll help you every step of the way!

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