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On A Mission

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Our Price:   $19.71

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On A Mission

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  • Keith Frank

    Description: This is the real down home Zydeco with that driving high-energy dance beat as only the "Zydeco Boss", Keith Frank, can deliver. Get ready to wear out your dancin' shoes!

    Release Date: 1998 Record Label: Maison de Soul


    1. On A Mission 2. I Made A Mistake 3. The Bull 4. Boogaloo 5. I Don't Know Why 6. Drowning In The Sea Of Love 7. How Deep Is Your Love 8. Zydeco Et Pas Salé 9. Zydeco Et Pas Salé Pt. II 10. Now Is The Time 11. Pass Around My Way 12. You've Been Watching Me 13. Satisfaction 14. Satisfaction Pt. II 15. Let It Flow 16. Back Door Man 17. Coming Straight From Soileau


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    2. I Made A Mistake 28.8k 56k 28.8k 56k
    7. How Deep Is Your Love 28.8k 56k 28.8k 56k





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