Whole Alligator (Medium) 9 to 14 Lbs

Whole Alligator (Medium) 9 to 14 Lbs
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Cajun Grocer - Whole Alligator (Medium)

Whole Skinned Alligator - with Head, Feet, and Tail 
Our Alligators are farm raised in Louisiana. Alligator meat is considered cooked when it is white all the way through.

Order a real alligator to eat. Frozen whole alligator for sale. Shipped to your door.

Average Weight 9 to 14 Lbs. (approximately: 11.5 pounds)

* Due to the fact that the whole gator is skinned and shipped frozen, there is a possibility that the head could become detached during transit. If this happens, use a skewer to to reattach the head. Heads are strictly for presentation purposes, and should not be consumed.

Discount Yes
Size Approx. 11.5 lbs

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