Swamp Gold Volume 1

Swamp Gold Volume 1
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Various Artist

Description:In the late 50's, down in Cajun South Louisiana, rock and roll was just entering it's golden era. You could walk into just about any bar, from Mobile to Houston, and folks were dancing to "This Should Go On Forever", "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", and "Mathilda". In recent years the Cajun rock and roll of the late fifties and early sixties has been dubbed Swamp Pop. Louisiana Swamp Pop artist have sold millions of records, far surpassing their Cajun and Zydeco counterparts. Swamp Pop is a mixture of New Orleans R&B, Country, and Gulf Blues sung with a Cajun French accent.

Release Date: 1991 Record Label: JIN Records


1. This Should Go On Forever - Rod Bernard 2. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Jivin' Gene 3. Mathilda - Cookie & The Cupcakes 4. Lonely Days And Lonely Nights - Johnnie Allan 5. Let's Do The Cajun Twist - Randy & The Rockets 6. Our Love - Clint West 7. Born To Be A Loser - Lee Martin 8. Don't Take It So Hard - Phil Bo 9. Opelousas Sostan - Rufus Jagneaux 10. Sweet Dreams - Tommy McLain 11. I Got Loaded - Lil' Bob & The Lolipops 12. I'm Leaving It All Up To You - Dale & Grace 13. Shirley Jean - Rockin' Sidney 14. Diggy Liggy Lo - Rod Bernard 15. It's Raining - Irma Thomas 16. Prisoner's Song - Warren Storm


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10. Sweet Dreams - Tommy McLain 28.8k 56k 28.8k 56k
15. It's Raining - Irma Thomas 28.8k 56k 28.8k 56k
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