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The Essential Collection
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Rod Bernard

Description: Starting with his 1957 hit, "This Should Go On Forever", Rod Bernard has recorded a string of regional and national hits of Swamp Pop music that is still popular today, and his recordings have made him a musical legend in South Louisiana.

Release Date: 1997 Record Label: JIN Records


1. This Should Go On Forever 2. Pardon Mr. Gordon 3. Colinda 4. Forgive Me 5. Fais Do-Do 6. Loneliness 7. Diggy Liggy-Lo 8. I Might As Well 9. Boss Man's Son 10. New Orleans Jail 11. Big Mamou 12. Congratulations To You Darlin' 13. Good Hearted Man 14. Don't Blame It On Me 15. Just One More Chance 16. Sometimes I Talk In My Sleep 17. Sometimes 18. Don't You Think I Paid Enough 19. Play A Song For My Baby 20. Somebody Wrote That Song For Me 21. I Want Somebody 22. A Winner In Love


Sample Tracks
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1. This Should Go On Forever 28.8k 56k 28.8k 56k
3. Colinda 28.8k 56k 28.8k 56k





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