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BIG EASY Pork Boudin - HOT

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Our Price:   $4.60
Our Price:   $4.60
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Brand:   Big Easy
Item Number:  5332
Package Description:  14 oz.
Serving Size:  2 oz (56g)
Number of servings:  7

BIG EASY Pork Boudin - HOT

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  • Big Easy Pork Boudin - HOT




    Microwave: Wrap one link in damp paper towel.  Heat for one minute on high or to desire heat level.

    Steam: Fill pot with enough water to cover bottom (about half inch). Heat on high until steam forms.   Lower temperature and place boudin in pot.  Cover and heat for 2 minutes or until warm.  Do not submerge boudin in water.

    BBQ Pit:  Roll link with foil and heat on pit.   Or, place boudin directly on grill and cook until outer casing is crisp.

    Oven or skillet:  Heat slowly until skin becomes crisp

  • Manufacturer Big Easy
    Perishable 1
    Size 14 oz.
    Serving Size 2 oz (56g)
    Serving per container 7
    Calories 130
    Calories from fat 45
    Total fat 5
    Saturated fat 2
    Saturated fat per unit 10
    Cholesterol 40
    Cholesterol per unit 13
    Sodium 220
    Sodium per unit 9
    Total carbs 10
    Total carbs per unit 3
    Dietary Fiber 0
    Dietary fiber per unit 0
    Sugars 0
    Protein 8
    Vitamin A 25
    Vitamin C 6
    Calcium 0
    Iron 30
    Ingredients Ingredients: Pork, water, rice, onions, pork liver, green onions, bell peppers, salad oil (fully refined soybean oil), salt, spices, seasoning sauce (water, caramel, white vinegar, citric acid, garlic flavoring, salt, onions, molasses, mustard, cumin, cin