Zydeco Festival

Zydeco Festival
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Description: To those of you unfamiliar with the term Zydeco, it simply refers to the accordion led dance music of the French-speaking Creole people of Southwest Louisiana. Today, Zydeco enjoys a tremendous international following. A first of sorts, this anthology presents a sampling from the Maison de Soul archives, recorded by it's best selling Zydeco artists. Truly a celebration of great music…a Zydeco festival of music!

Release Date: 1988 Record Label: Maison de Soul


1. Zydeco Tous Pas Tours - Buckwheat Zydeco 2. Blues A Bebe - Carriere Brothers 3. I Need Some Lovin' - Terrance Simien 4. Old Time Zydeco - Rockin' Dopsie 5. Make It Hot - Chuck Martin 6. Fun In Acadiana - Morris Francis 7. Hot Tamal 8. Broken Hearted - John Delafose 9. You Ain't Nothin' But Fine - Rockin' Sidney 10. You Act Sick When Your Man Is Home - Boozoo Chavis 11. Allons Danser Le Zydeco - Wilfred Chevis 12. You Used To Call Me - Clifton Chenier 13. Take Me To The Mountain Top - Buckwheat Zydeco 14. Shake Rattle And Roll - Rockin' Dopsie 15. Shake Your Pants - Rockin' Sidney 16. Deacon Jones - Boozoo Chavis 17. Zydeco Gris Gris - Mike Doucet / Beausoliel 18. Keep On Dancin' - Wilfred Chevis 19. Tired Of Being Alone - Clifton Chenier 20. Reach Out - Zydeco Brothers


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3. I Need Some Lovin' - Terrance Simien 28.8k 56k 28.8k 56k
19. Tired Of Being Alone - Clifton Chenier 28.8k 56k 28.8k 56k




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