Wagyu Ground Beef 5 lb

Wagyu Ground Beef
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Q: Hello, Does this come in 1 5Lb pack or 5 1lb packs. Also, is it shipped frozen? Thanks Hello, Does this come in 1 5Lb pack or 5 1lb packs. Also, is it shipped frozen? Thanks

A: This is one 5lb pack of Wagyu ground meat and is shipped frozen.

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5lbs of Louisiana grown Wagyu Ground Beef - 100% American Wagyu beef

American Wagyu beef for sale, from Japanese cattle stock, raised without antibiotics or hormones, on a strict diet to encourage natural marbling, then graded with the Japanese BMS system. Wagyu beef is popular around the world because of its superior eating quality compared with other breeds of cattle. Not only does wagyu beef have higher levels of intra-muscular fat or marbling but the meat texture is finer, resulting in a more flavorsome eating experience.

100% pure ground American Wagyu meat. This luscious rich blend of Wagyu brisket, Wagyu rib caps, and Wagyu short ribs is guaranteed to satisfy those aficionados seeking the perfect, most unctuous burger around.

People are always looking for Kobe beef for sale, and this Wagyu beef price allows you to see why Kobe wagyu beef is better than Japanese wagyu beef. 

Buy Wagyu beef.

The intense marbling that is unique to Wagyu beef allows the fat to melt at a lower temperature, which results in a rich, buttery finish. The superior flavor of Fullblood Wagyu ground beef, compared to other beef, makes your hamburgers, chili, rice bowls, lasagna, taco soup, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti, and stuffed peppers pleasing to the most refined palate!

Size 5 lb

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