If you want to create an authentic Cajun dinner, you're going to need authentic Cajun meats, and our gift cooler sets are perfect for creating your next Louisiana feast. We've got a sausage feast cooler, featuring Andouille, chicken Andouille, chaurice, pork sausage, tasso and pork, and crawfish boudin. We've also got a Cajun Sampler, which adds rice dressing mix, stuffed pork chops, crawfish pie, alligator fillets, and a Turducken roll.


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Lapeyreaux's Crawfish Hand Cleaner 8 oz

Lapeyreaux's Crawfish Hand Cleaner 8 oz...

Lapeyreaux's Crawfish Hand CleanerNo Meaux Spicy Smelly Hands!Lapeyreaux's Crawfish Hand CleanerThe ..

$750 $1000 -25%

Cajun Chef Sampler

Cajun Chef Sampler...

Cajun Chef SamplerMakes a great gift. If you know someone who can't live without "spices" in their l..

$1999 $2499 -20%

Tony Chachere's Basics Of Creole Cooking Cookbook

Tony Chachere's Basics Of Creole Cooking...

Tony Chachere's Basics Of Creole Cooking CookbookBrand new Cajun Booklet with Louisiana Cajun Creole..

$371 $412 -10%

Savoie's Special

Savoie's Special...

The very best and most popular Savoie's products. Sample the great food of Savoie's. Don't take our ..

$3505 $3894 -10%



 Tony Chachere's Gumbo KitTony Chachere's® Gumbo Kit's got everything you'll need for gumbo: Cr..

$2272 $2524 -10%

Pickapeppa T Shirt

Pickapeppa T Shirt...

Pickapeppa T ShirtColor: White; 100% Cotton..


New Orleans Desserts Bundle - 1 each of Bread Pudding, Bananas Foster and Praline Dessert Mixes

New Orleans Desserts Bundle - 1 each of ...

Mam Papaul's New Orleans Desserts Bundle - 1 each of Bread Pudding, Bananas Foster and Praline Desse..

$1380 $1624 -15%

Hot Rods Da Grillin' Kit

Hot Rods Da Grillin' Kit...

Hot Rod's Da Grillin' KitBBQ people! Here is the all-you'll-ever-need Hot Rod's Grillin' Kit. Grab s..

$3060 $3400 -10%

Comeaux's Cajun Sampler

Comeaux's Cajun Sampler...

DESCRIPTION: Comeaux's most popular 1 lbs. packs, put together for a sampling treat!  Includes..

$7261 $9076 -20%

Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook

Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook...

Tony Chachere’s Cajun Country CookbookTony Chachere's® Famous Creole Seasoning, a staple in every co..

$958 $1064 -10%

Seafood Dinner Turducken Gift Cooler

Seafood Dinner Turducken Gift Cooler...

Feed the entire family with a 15 pound Turducken, 1 dressing, our 2 most popular side dishes, and on..

$15545 $18842 -17%

Mam Papaul's Dinner Mix Combo

Mam Papaul's Dinner Mix Combo...

Mam Papaul's Dinner Mix Combo (1) Jambalaya Mix, (1) Gumbo Mix, (1) BBQ Shrimp MixDinner Mix Combo (..

$949 $1116 -15%

Louisiana Fish Fry Cajun Gift Box

Louisiana Fish Fry Cajun Gift Box...

"Bring the taste of Louisiana home with this complete set from LOUISIANA FISH FRY products." This gi..

$2405 $2672 -10%

Louisiana Creole Tomato Box

Louisiana Creole Tomato Box...

Louisiana Creole Tomato BoxA great item to use for any Louisiana gift basket. It is an eye catcher a..


Hot Rods Da Seafood Kit

Hot Rods Da Seafood Kit...

Hot Rod's Da Seafood KitCalling all seafood lovers!Frying? Try our Original or Gawlic Buttah Fish Fr..

$4680 $5200 -10%

Hot Rods Da Big Daddy Box

Hot Rods Da Big Daddy Box...

Hot Rod's Da Big Daddy BoxThe Big Daddy Box. Not only for Father’s Day, but for all dem big daddy’s ..

$6120 $6800 -10%

Hot Rod's Da Starter Kit

Hot Rod's Da Starter Kit...

Hot Rods Da Starter KitNew around here? These are some of our most beloved products, and we think yo..

$4320 $4800 -10%

For The Grill Gift Cooler

For The Grill Gift Cooler...

For The Grill Cajun Gift CoolerReady to fire up the grill. Your package includes one:   Poche..

$3999 $5803 -31%

Cajun Gumbo Gift Cooler

Cajun Gumbo Gift Cooler...

Cajun Gumbo Gift CoolerYour gift cooler includes one:Comeaux's Pork Andouille 16 ozSavoie's Tasso - ..

$2967 $3490 -15%

Burton + Burton 4 X 12 X 9 Basket

Burton + Burton 4 X 12 X 9 Basket...

12" DARK STAIN RECTANGLE BAMBOO BASKETProduct #: 9716095Burton + Burton 4.5 x 12 x 9 Basket&nbs..


Burton + Burton 4 X 10 X 7 Basket

Burton + Burton 4 X 10 X 7 Basket...

10" DARK STAINRECTANGLE BAMBOO BASKETProduct #: 9716094Burton + Burton 4 x 10 x 7 Basket R..


Burton + Burton 4 1/2 X 10 Basket

Burton + Burton 4 1/2 X 10 Basket...

10" DARK STAIN ROUND BAMBOO BASKETProduct #: 9716086Burton + Burton 4 1/2 x 10 Basket Round dar..


Blue Plate Unisex Tee

Blue Plate Unisex Tee...

Bella+Canvas True Royal Triblend50% poly, 25% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 25% rayon.These r..


Le Sportsman Bag

Le Sportsman Bag...

Description: The perfect gift for any outdoorsman or cooking enthusiast. This sampler bag includes o..


Tabasco Small Gift Box

Tabasco Small Gift Box...

A satisfying sample set of our TABASCO brand Hot Pepper Sauce flavors.Small gift box ..


Tabasco Large Gift Box

Tabasco Large Gift Box...

Description: Perfect gift for TABASCO® loyalists. This gift box includes one of each: TABASCO® Peppe..


Tabasco Chili Bowl Gift Set

Tabasco Chili Bowl Gift Set...

Description: A bowl of chili doesn't get any better -- or easier -- than this. Add browned meat or b..


McIlhenny Farms Gift Box - SMALL

McIlhenny Farms Gift Box - SMALL...

Introducing the best of McIlhenny Farm products, brought to you by the makers of TABASCO® brand Pepp..


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