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Pork Boudin Starter Kit

Pork Boudin Starter Kit...

Boudin is a combination of cooked rice, pork, onions, green peppers and seasonings stuffed into saus..

$3199 $3999 -20%

For The Grill Gift Cooler

For The Grill Gift Cooler...

For The Grill Cajun Gift CoolerReady to fire up the grill. Your package includes one:   Poche..

$3999 $5803 -31%

Red Beans and Rice Kit

Red Beans and Rice Kit...

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice KitNo matter which red beans and rice recipe you prefer, this kit con..

$4299 $5799 -26%

Taste of Cajun Country Cooler

Taste of Cajun Country Cooler...

Taste of Cajun Country CoolerWant to try a little taste of south Louisiana? Look no further. This gi..

$6799 $10908 -38%

Cajun Extravaganza Gift Cooler

Cajun Extravaganza Gift Cooler...

 Cajun Extravaganza Gift CoolerAll the ingredients you need to make an authentic New Orleans St..

$4599 $5999 -23%

Cajun Gumbo Gift Cooler

Cajun Gumbo Gift Cooler...

Cajun Gumbo Gift CoolerYour gift cooler includes one:Comeaux's Pork Andouille 16 ozSavoie's Tasso - ..

$2989 $3728 -20%

Cajun Sausage Feast Gift Cooler

Cajun Sausage Feast Gift Cooler...

Cajun Sausage Feast Gift CoolerLooking to send that special gift to someone who truly loves smoked m..

$7199 $8499 -15%

The Cajun Sampler Gift Cooler

The Cajun Sampler Gift Cooler...

This gift cooler includes one: Harold's Cajun Rice Dressing Mix (1 lb.) Savoie's Andouille (12 oz...


Cajun Dinner Turducken Gift Cooler

Cajun Dinner Turducken Gift Cooler...

Feed the entire family with a 15 pound Turducken, our 2 most popular side dishes, and our most popul..


Comeaux's Cajun Sampler

Comeaux's Cajun Sampler...

DESCRIPTION: Comeaux's most popular 1 lbs. packs, put together for a sampling treat!  Includes..

$6879 $7499 -8%

Comeaux's Stuffed Pork Chop Combo

Comeaux's Stuffed Pork Chop Combo...

Combo Includes: Two pork chops stuffed w/ Crawfish Boudin Two pork chops stuffed w/ Pork Boudin S..

$6699 $7999 -16%

Comeaux's Stuffed Chicken Combo

Comeaux's Stuffed Chicken Combo...

Comeaux's Stuffed Chicken Combo: Includes: Chicken stuffed w/ Crawfish Dressing Chicken stuffed w..

$7099 $7999 -11%

Comeaux's Stuffed Pork Roast Combo

Comeaux's Stuffed Pork Roast Combo...

Comeaux's Stuffed Pork Roast Combo Includes: 2 Pork Roast (3 lbs each)Smoked Pork AndouilleFresh A..

$6649 $7499 -11%

Wild Dad Gift Cooler

Wild Dad Gift Cooler...

Does your Father like to live on the wild side? The "Wild Dad" Gift cooler contains:   Alligator ..


Cajun Dad Gift Cooler

Cajun Dad Gift Cooler...

Does your Father like Cajun Food? The "Cajun Dad" Gift cooler contains: COMEAUX'S Premium Pork S..


Big Grill Gift Cooler

Big Grill Gift Cooler...

Big Grill Gift Cooler: LAFF Blackened Seasoning 1lb. Redfish on the half shell U/12 heads on gul..


Lil' Grill Gift Cooler

Lil' Grill Gift Cooler...

Lil Grill Gift Cooler: Amberjack Filet 1 lbs Mam Papaul's BBQ Shrimp Mix Jack Miller's BBQ ..


MaBell's Smoked Sausage Mild 10 lb Box

MaBell's Smoked Sausage Mild 10 lb ...

MaBell's Smoked Sausage is the perfect addition to any occasion. MaBell's is know for it's delicious..


Savoie's Special

Savoie's Special...

The very best and most popular Savoie's products. Sample the great food of Savoie's. Don't take our ..

$2799 $3840 -27%

Louisiana Alligator Sampler Cooler

Louisiana Alligator Sampler Cooler...

Louisiana Alligator Sampler CoolerWe offer the largest selection delicious Louisiana Alligator. So w..

$10799 $13792 -22%

Richard's All American Cooler

Richard's All American Cooler...

Richard’s (Ree-Shards) Cajun Foods was founded in Church Point, LA in 1981 by Lonnie Richard who rea..

$5899 $7099 -17%

Andouille Sampler Gift Cooler

Andouille Sampler Gift Cooler...

Cajun Andouille Sampler Gift CoolerHave you ever wondered who makes the best Andouille Sausage?..

$6999 $8911 -21%

Exotic Boudin Sampler

Exotic Boudin Sampler...

Regular Cajun Boudin is a combination of cooked rice, pork, onions, green peppers and seasonings stu..

$5799 $7499 -23%

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