Andouille Sausage

Andouille (Cajun Sausage) is a coarse-grained smoked meat made using pork, pepper, onions, and seasonings. Andouille is French in origin, but has also been brought to Louisiana by French or German immigrants. Andouille is mostly associated with Cajun cooking., voted TOP 10 ecommerce company by FOOD TV Network for our diverse line of authentic Cajun Food which are made right here in Cajun Country (Louisiana). 

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Andouille pronunciation


What Is Andouille?

Andouille is a large Cajun sausage that is smoky with a bit of a kick. Andouille is made by blending onions and cajun seasonings with the chopped chunks of a pork butt (Pig shoulder). Sounds nasty right? but it is so flavorful and good. This mixture is then encased in a tube of pig intestine, smoked, and allowed to cool.

Cajun and Creole foods both use andouille (ahn-DOO-ee), a spicy sausage made from smoked pork as an ingredient. Andouille is one of the most used ingredients of Cajun-style dishes, including jambalaya and gumbo.

How to Cook Andouille

Because Andouille is pre-cooked, you can take it out of the refrigerator, slice it and serve it cold if you chose to do so. People often bake it. Preheat your oven to 350 F and place the Andouille links on a pan. Bake for about 15 minutes. After you've heated the sausage, you can add it to pasta dishes, rice dishes, or chop it up to use in gumbo or jambalaya.

Is andouille sausage spicy? What Does It Taste Like?

Spicy. Andouille has a sharp, smoky taste. Andouille comes highly spiced and is generally smoked for  two rounds. The meat to be used as the filling is smoked, and then the finished sausages are smoked again.

Where to Buy Andouille

Andouille sausage where to buy? Andouille sausage near me

Andouille is readily available at grocery stores (look for it in the meat case), big box stores and neighborhood butcher stores. order andouille online from the Cajun Grocer, where it will be shipped frozen anywhere in the United States.

Andouille Storage

Keep andouille in its original airtight packaging or transfer to an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use. When frozen in an airtight container or freezer bag, andouille will stay good for up to six months.

Nutrition and Benefits of Andouille

The recommended serving size of andouille is one sausage link. It is very high in protein, and does contain saturated fats, sodium, Vitamin A and carbohydrates. Eat it in moderation, as it is processed meat.

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Savoie's Andouille 16 oz

Savoie's Andouille 16 oz...

This traditional Cajun spicy smoked pork sausage (pronounced AWN-DOO-WEE) makes any meal a celebrati..

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Savoie's Tasso - Pork 8 oz

Savoie's Tasso - Pork 8 oz...

Another Cajun original, tasso is bursting with a blend of spices unique to South Louisiana cooking a..

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Poche's Pork Tasso 1 lb

Poche's Pork Tasso 1 lb...

Large pieces of tender lean pork tumbled in a seasoning mixture of salt, red pepper, black pepper, g..

$969 $1049 -8%

La Boucherie Smoked Andouille Sausage 16 oz

La Boucherie Smoked Andouille Sausage 16...

La Boucherie Smoked Andouille Sausage 16 ozLa Boucherie’s smoked andouille sausage is made with larg..

$943 $1099 -14%

Poche's Smoked Chaurice 1 lb

Poche's Smoked Chaurice 1 lb...

Smoked Chaurice SausageHot smoked sausage made of lean pork meat, seasonings, crushed garlic, vinega..

$771 $849 -9%

Poche's Andouille - Chicken 1 lb

Poche's Andouille - Chicken 1 lb...

Poche's Chicken Andouille is made with coarsely ground, lean chicken, salt, red pepper, black pepper..

$753 $849 -11%

Comeaux's Pork Andouille 5 lbs

Comeaux's Pork Andouille 5 lbs...

Andouille is a south Louisiana favorite for use in gumbos, red beans and rice, stews, pasta dishes, ..

$4906 $5499 -11%

Comeaux's Chicken Andouille 1 lb

Comeaux's Chicken Andouille 1 lb...

Coarsely ground chicken thigh meat, seasoned, marinated, stuffed into a sausage casing, cured and hi..

$923 $1049 -12%

Richard's Andouille w/ Green Onion Sausage 1 lb

Richard's Andouille w/ Green Onion Sausa...

Richard's Andouille w/ Green Onion Sausage 16 oz Our great tasting Andouille, with a little somethi..

$897 $1009 -11%

Richard's Andouille Sausage 1 lb

Richard's Andouille Sausage 1 lb...

Richard's Andouille Sausage 16 ozWhen you think of Andouille, you think of Louisiana and Gumbo. Our ..

$897 $1009 -11%

Poche's Andouille 1 lb

Poche's Andouille 1 lb...

Poche's Andouille sausage measures 1-1/2 to 2 inches in diameter. This sausage will enhance the flav..

$861 $999 -14%

Manda's Andouille 12 oz

Manda's Andouille 12 oz...

Manda's Andouille SausageManda Andouille Sausage for Gumbo - The secret ingredient for gumbos and ot..

$578 $899 -36%

Comeaux's Pork Andouille 16 oz

Comeaux's Pork Andouille 16 oz...

Andouille is a south Louisiana favorite for use in gumbos, red beans and rice, stews, pasta dishes, ..

$980 $1099 -11%

Cochon Butcher Andouille

Cochon Butcher Andouille...

Description: Pork Butt smoked for 6 hours.   Unit Size: 14 oz.   Check out our delicious Turduck..


Cajun Specialty Meats Chicken Andouille

Cajun Specialty Meats Chicken Andouille ...

Description: Cajun Bros. Andouille Chicken Sausage. All the flavor of traditional pork andouille, bu..


Cajun Specialty Meats Andouille 5 lb

Cajun Specialty Meats Andouille 5 lb...

Cajun Specialty Meats Andouille 5 lbBroussard's Bayou Louisiana's finest sausage, Andouille is ..

$2999 $4999 -40%

Cajun Specialty Meats Andouille 1lb

Cajun Specialty Meats Andouille 1lb...

Cajun Specialty Meats - Andouille Sausage Louisiana's finest sausage, Andouille is a must for gumbo..


Andouille Sampler Gift Cooler

Andouille Sampler Gift Cooler...

Cajun Andouille Sampler Gift CoolerHave you ever wondered who makes the best Andouille Sausage?..

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