Cajun Creole

Cajun Creole

Since 1978 we have been in the Cajun food business in New Iberia, Louisiana. Known as the “Sweetest, Saltiest and Pepperiest Place on the Planet”.  Beginning as a specialty Coffee roaster we branched out to become the In-The-Shell Peanut-Innovator.

In 1989, we invented a unique process to season peanuts in-the-shell: Cajun Creole Hot Nuts®. From then on we have just gone Nuts!  Our Mission: Make the world a little spicier! As the leading innovator in the in-shell peanut business we are dedicated to bringing the consumer a growing line of peanut products and re-establishing the in-shell peanut as a top choice when it comes to snacking.  We also feature small peanut roasters and peanut warmers if you want to also “go nuts!”  And now presenting another brand new “old” idea: peanut kiosks.

Suppliers to the trade for peanuts, institutional and retail spice blends, and gourmet coffees, specializing in New Orleans style Cajun Creole Coffee® & Chicory and Cajun Creole Coffee.

Member of National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) and the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

Our Peanuts are Kosher Certified.

Cajun Creole

Cajun Creole ...

We call it "The Cajun Secret Ingredient". Cajun Creole "Pepper Potpourri" is the perfect blend of sp..


Cajun Creole Coffee

Cajun Creole Coffee...

We use the finest specialty coffee beans roasted to a between medium and dark roast to bring out the..

$127 $162 -22%

Cajun Creole Hot Nuts

Cajun Creole Hot Nuts...

Growing tired of plain peanuts or looking for a light snack with a kick of flavor? Look no further! ..


Cajun Creole Blackened Seasoning™

Cajun Creole Blackened Seasoning™...

Our Smokeless Blackened Seasoning is the perfect blend of spices and seasonings used for blackening ..


Cajun Creole Spicy Cajun Seasoning 3.3 oz

Cajun Creole Spicy Cajun Seasoning 3.3 o...

We call it "The Cajun Secret Ingredient". Cajun Creole "Cajun Seasoning" is the perfect blend of spi..


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