Zydeco Music


Pick Up On This!

Pick Up On This!...

Beau Jocque / Zydeco Hi-Rollers Description: As Beau Jocque sings, "the Hi-Rollers play a little ..


Zydeco Trail Ride

Zydeco Trail Ride...

Boozoo Chavis Description: This CD contains some outstanding selections from Boozoo, including hi..


Movin' On Up!

Movin' On Up!...

Keith Frank Description:With the release of "Movin' On Up!", listeners from across the United Sta..


My Toot Toot

My Toot Toot...

Rockin' Sidney Description: It is true that there are plenty of accordion players in Louisiana, b..


I'm A Woman

I'm A Woman...

Rosie Ledet Description: "I dedicate this album to Rockin' Sidney. Sidney gave us our first big e..


Zydeco Sensation

Zydeco Sensation...

Rosie Ledet Description: "Zydeco Sensation" has been on a fast track to stardom. Rosie has toured..


On A Mission

On A Mission...

Keith Frank Description: This is the real down home Zydeco with that driving high-energy dance be..


Way Down In Lousiana Book

Way Down In Lousiana Book...

This is not a cookbook, but In Way Down in Louisiana, native son Todd Mouton introduces you to the s..


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