Cajun Flip n' Fry

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The Cajun Flip n' Fry is the absolute best for breading fish, shrimp, chicken and even vegetables. Works perfectly every time on everything you bread and without all of the mess to clean up.

HOW IT WORKS Step 1: Place fish fry, flour etc.. in bottom of canister, put meat on top of basket. Step 2: Close lid tightly, turn upside down and flip back and forth several times. Evenly coated meat is ready to fry.

  • Perfect for any game day gathering
  • Dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning
  • Bread your favorite foods with a simple shake

Host an authentic fish fry with the experts! The Cajun Flip N Fry quickly mixes all the essential ingredients for a nifty, ready-to-fry meal. This no-mess container is the new solution to hassle-free breading, promising no leaks and easy mixing with a few simple shakes. Get a quick meal going for a party or gathering by simply loading flour, bread crumbs or fish fry into the bottom of the Flip n Fry bowl, then place meat, fish or your favorite veggies on the top of the basket. Tightly close the lid, flip and shake for evenly-coated food every time! This container is freezer and dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning and easy storage.

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