Comeaux's Red Beans, Tasso & Andouille

Comeauxs Red Beans, Tasso & Andouille
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These red beans are cooked down with a generous portion of smoked Andouille sausage and smoked pork Tasso, "Holy Trinity" vegetables and plenty of Cajun spice.


Cooking Instructions: Thaw. Heat bag in boiling water for 20 minutes and to internal temp of 164°F. Serve with cooked rice or cornbread.


Unit Size: 28 oz. Cup

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Ingredients Water, Red Kidney Beans, Smoked Andouille, Smoked Tasso, Rotel Tomatoes, Frozen Vegetable blend, Butter(premium liquid), Garlic(minced wet), Creole seasoning.
Nutrition Data 1
Size 28 oz. Cup

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