Richard's Cajun Style Roux 16 oz

Richard's Cajun Style Roux 16 oz
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Richard's Cajun Style Roux 16 oz

Richard's Cajun Style Roux is the secret ingredient for making the perfect gumbo or thickening agent for gravies. This 16 oz jar is filled with the potential to create countless tasty possibilities. Recognizable by its signature dark brown color, Richard's Roux is a staple in Cajun kitchens for crafting authentic dishes.

True Cajuns know that a genuine roux is the backbone of many traditional dishes. With Richard's Roux, you're not just cooking; you're bringing a piece of Louisiana tradition into your home. Whether it's for gumbo, étouffée, or rich, flavorful sauces, Richard's Cajun Style Roux delivers every time.

How to Use Richard's Cajun Style Roux

Unlock the rich flavors of Cajun cuisine with Richard's Roux. Start by heating the roux as the base for your gumbo or gravy, allowing its full flavor to meld into your dish. Its robust, dark brown color and dense texture make it the best roux in a jar for that authentic Louisiana taste.

What Makes Richard's Roux Special?

  • Versatility: From roux sauces to gumbo bases, Richard's Roux is your go-to for creating an array of dishes.
  • Authenticity: Crafted with enriched flour and soybean oil, this roux mix for gumbo is a true taste of Louisiana.
  • Convenience: Searching for "richards roux near me" or a "quick roux"? Look no further. Richard's Roux offers quality and convenience in one jar.

Understanding Roux

Roux is more than just a mixture; it's the heart of many Cajun and Creole dishes. The difference between a gumbo base and roux lies in its use and preparation time - a lighthearted Louisiana joke suggests étouffée is a "1 beer roux" while a true gumbo might be a "2 to 3 beer roux". Richard's Roux saves you time without skimping on flavor, making it the best roux in a jar for those who love the depth of Louisiana cooking but are short on time.

Ingredients & Allergens

Richard's Cajun Style Roux is made from enriched flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), and soybean oil. Allergens: Soy. Produced in a facility that handles milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, and peanuts.

Find Richard's Gumbo Roux Near You

For those wondering "how do you spell roux" or searching for "gumbo roux near me", the answer is simple - Richard's Roux. Available on, this Louisiana roux is a must-have for any cook looking to infuse their dishes with authentic Cajun flavor.

Calcium 0
Calories 100
Nutrition Data 1
Size 16 oz. (454g)
Calories from fat 50
Cholesterol 0
Cholesterol per unit 0
Dietary Fiber 0
Dietary fiber per unit 0
Iron 4
Protein 1
Saturated fat 1
Saturated fat per unit 4
Serving per container 32
Serving Size 1 tbsp (18g)
Sodium 0
Sodium per unit 0
Sugars 0
Total carbs 9
Total carbs per unit 3
Total fat 6
Total fat per unit 9
Vitamin A 2
Vitamin C 0

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