Do people eat alligator in Louisiana?

Alligator: Southern Louisiana is full of swamplands and marshy coastal regions. Alligator tastes similar to chicken or rabbit and the tenderloin, tail, ribs and other parts of the animal are used to create many different dishes like alligator Cajun spiced ribs, creole stew, fried alligator tail and more.

Is it OK to eat alligator?

Alligator meat has been described as a healthy meat source for humans due to its high protein and low fat composition. It has been described as being mild flavored and firm in texture. Some U.S. companies process and market alligator meat derived only from the tail of alligators. It can also be made into pet food.

Is alligator red meat or white meat?

Alligator has a tender texture, similar to that of chicken or pork. Just like chicken, it has both white and dark meat. The most sought after meat is the white meat, as it is the most mild and tender.

Is Alligator healthier than chicken?

In terms of taste and saturated fat amount, gator meat shares properties with chicken as well as fish. Whether the meat is from the tail or another cut, the meat retains twice as much protein as a serving of beef of the same size. Alligator meat is a healthy alternative to chicken and pork.

Does alligator taste good?

Generally, alligator meat from all edible parts of the reptile tastes pretty good. Since alligator meat is lean meat, it has a low-fat content.

Alligator Nuggets Breaded 2 lb

Alligator Nuggets Breaded 2 lb...

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Alligator Nuggets Breaded 4 lb...

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