French Market Red Ceramic Coffee Mug - 11 Ounce

French Market Red Ceramic Coffee Mug - 11 Ounce
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French Market Coffee Ceramic Mug 11 oz

Now you can enjoy “The Flavor of New Orleans” in this beautiful French Market Coffee ceramic mug. Available in three colorful designs, this 11 ounce mug captures the true Authentic New Orleans’ Coffee experience.

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Coffee, French Market Coffee, French Market Coffee

Are ceramic mugs good?
They're good to use for both cold and hot beverages and are microwave-safe! Ceramic mugs are the most neutral in terms of flavor. They do not hold on to flavors from other drinks. You can enjoy a variety of beverages in them without lingering smells or flavors.

Are a ceramic mug good for coffee?
Reasons why coffee taste better out of a ceramic mug? Apart from the importance of perceived quality, mugs made of ceramic are also the best choice compared to its alternatives because its solid and neutral material that neither absorbs nor imparts the flavor of your coffee, leaving it to taste just like it should.
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Size 11 oz. Mug

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