Bon Temps Rouler

Bon Temps Rouler
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Various Artist
Description: "Cajun music is the major cultural expression of the Cajun French people. The roots of the music is more apparent in the waltz numbers rather than the two-steps. The waltz songs, with the sad tenor of their lyrics and high pitched singing in the "heartbreak" key are favored by the older generation, while the lively two-steps have become popular beyond the confines of Louisiana. This CD picks the cream of the tracks from the vault of Cajun Hits, "Swallow Record".

Release Date: 1988 Record Label: Swallow Records


1. Hee Haw Breakdown - Nolan Cormier / Louisiana Aces 2. Cajun Ramblers Special - Wallace Derouen / Cajun Ramblers / J. Bonsall 3. Pine Grove Blues - Nathan Abshire 4. Eunice Two-Step - Maurice Berzas / Mamou Playboys 5. Mamou Blues - Austin Pitre 6. Triangle Club Special - Leeman Prejean 7. Hippy Ti Yo - Joe Bonsall 8. Louisiana Aces Special - Badeaux / Louisiana Aces 9. I Am So Lonely - Adam Hebert / Country Playboys 10. Lacassine Special - Balfa Brothers 11. The Bosco Stomp - Belton Richard 12. Choupique Two-Step - Nathan Abshire 13. Cypress Inn Special - Lionel Cormier / Sundown Playboys 14. Cameron Two-Step - Barro / Teardrops 15. Waltz Of Regret - Doris Matte 16. Little Cajun Boy - Bobby Leger / Lake Charles Playboys 17. Zydeco Cha Cha - Aldus Mouton 18. Mamou Hot Step - Mamou Playboys 19. She Didn't Know I Was Married - D.L. Menard 20. Family Waltz - Phil Mernard, Don Guillory, LA. Travelers 21. Two-Steps De Vieux Temps - Rambling Aces 22. Cankton Two-Step - Leeman Prejan / Happy Playboys of Scott


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