Cajun Summer Olympics

  • October 10, 2020
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  • Cajun Summer Olympics
  • Cajun Summer Olympics
  • Cajun Summer Olympics
  • Cajun Summer Olympics
  • Cajun Summer Olympics
  • Cajun Summer Olympics

One of the things that makes Louisiana great is our unique culture. We have our own food, architecture, music and even our own sports — it's true! Well, the truth is we just enjoy having fun and can turn almost anything into a competitive event. If there were such a thing as the Cajun Summer Olympics, these are a few of the events you might expect to see.

1. The Mardi Gras Bead Catch

Anyone who has ever stood on a parade route in Louisiana during Mardi Gras will tell you that catching beads is a serious endeavor. The colorful beads and trinkets are prized by both locals and tourists. We don't even want to get into how far some people are willing to go in order to tempt a parade rider to throw them a strand. Want to make things extra challenging? Try to keep your catches from touching the ground - anything that hits the ground first is off limits! 

2. Alligator Wrestling

Hunting alligators is still a way of life in Cajun Country. Starting in August, Louisiana permits the legal harvesting of alligators from the bayous, swamps and rivers. The hunting is restricted to a small group of individuals and concludes at the end of September. Ever tried hoisting a 10' long alligator into a boat? This event calls for courage, endurance and nerves of steel. A few drinks after the day is done are awarded in lieu of gold medals.  

3. Lawnmower Racing

We love our big-boy toys on the bayou. Especially riding lawnmowers. In fact, we like to race them against our neighbors to see who has the fastest one. There are a few tracks throughout the state which host summer races every weekend. These aren't your typical riding mowers — they've been souped up to the max. You get bonus points for setting the grass on fire as your progress to the finish line.      

4. Crawfish Eating Contest

Crawfish eating is a matter of pride in Louisiana. There is more to eating this culinary specialty than just sitting down with a fork. In fact, you don't use a fork at all. Silverware is prohibited in this event. Fingers only are allowed to peel and eat crawfish. The very best crawfish eaters can down a pound of their favorite mud bug in a matter of minutes. Oh, one more thing — true competitors in this event suck the head of the crawfish for an extra burst of stamina!    

5. Bourré

For starters, you have to say the name of this popular Cajun card game the right way. It's pronounced Boo-ray and is as competitive as any physical sport. Bourré is a gambling card game that is played almost exclusively in the Acadiana region. It involves catching "tricks" similar to the game of Spades. Taking the majority of tricks means also taking the pot – but, take care to avoid bourréing. That's the equivalent of getting skunked and means you lose big time.    

6. The Cornhole Toss

Cornhole is a game we've played for years in Louisiana. You basically attempt to toss a small bean bag through a hole in a board from some distance away. Sound simple? Well, try it after a few drinks while you celebrate with friends and family at the local fais do-do. This game is addictive, too, so events can last well into the night. There you have six of the sports which would be featured in a Cajun Summer Olympics. The best part about most of our Olympic events is that anyone can join in the fun. Don't be shy! Slide up to the crawfish table and dig in!

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