Community Coffee Between Roast

Community Coffee Between Roast
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COMMUNITY COFFEE BANANA BREEZE Ingredients: 2 cups brewed and chilled Community Coffee 2 medium bananas 2 cups premium vanilla ice cream 1 tablespoon sugar (optional) 1/4 teaspoon almond extract 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract whipped cream topping 2 cherries Steps: Place first six ingredients in blender, cover and blend on high until thick and fluffy. Pour into 2 chilled 20-oz. mugs. Garnish with whipped cream and top with cherry.

COMMUNITY COFFEE'S SOUTHERN SPICED ICED COFFEE Ingredients: 8 cups Community Coffee 1 whole cinnamon stick 8 whole cloves cream sugar to taste Steps: When the coffee is brewed, add the cinnamon stick and cloves. Allow the mixture to cool, then refrigerate until chilled. Put some ice cubes in tall glasses and strain the coffee over the ice. Pour cream into the coffee just before serving. Serve with sugar. Serves 6.

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Size 23 oz. (652g)

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