Cooler Days and Tailgating

  • October 10, 2020
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If we're lucky, there might be some cooler days on the way here in south Louisiana. Football season is off to a grand start despite the 90-degree weather. Here and elsewhere all over these great United States, fans are preparing for tailgating parties before kick-off. The parking lots near the stadiums in Louisiana become a small city of bubbling gumbo pots, cauldrons of simmering chili and smoky barbecue pits. Colorful tents under which are tables laden with food, butane burners, and an untold number of ice chests chock-full of cold beverages. Impromptu pep rallies and live music work the fans into a frenzy as kick-off time nears. It's all about people bringing their favorite dishes out to the stadium and sharing them with their friends, and Louisianians are no slouch in that department. Wherever you are, you can put on one spectacular buffet simply by ordering NOW from this website. Let me give you some ideas. Check the Recipes section for some great beverages with which to begin. Don't forget to have a designated driver if you imbibe alcohol.

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