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Live Crawfish Field Run Sack with Seasoning
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Q: weight?

Field run sack is how much weight?

A: Each sack is 30 lbs

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Fresh Live Crawfish with seasoning - Order Online Today

Purchasing Live Crawfish

Opt for a sack of Live Crawfish, which offers 30 lbs of premium, freshly caught field run crawfish, complete with 4 pounds of crawfish boil seasoning.

Ensure your order is in by 11:00 AM CST to guarantee that it ships today and arrives by tomorrow noon in most locations.

Designed to cater to groups of 10 to 14, this package includes a durable seafood cooler and ice packs for sustained freshness.

Maintaining the Freshness of Your Live Crawfish

After arrival, promptly hose down your live crawfish and keep them chilled in a cooler, making sure the cooler’s drain remains open.

Crawfish Varieties and Size Chart

  • Field Run: 18/24 crawfish per pound
  • Belle River: 12/20 crawfish per pound
  • Select: 11/16 crawfish per pound
  • Jumbo: Fewer than 12 crawfish per pound

Guidelines for Cleaning and Cooking Crawfish

To ensure the best dining experience, follow these crucial steps for cleaning and cooking:

  • Taste Enhancement: Clean crawfish thoroughly to remove any mud and grit, which ensures spices stick better and improve taste.
  • Quality of Experience: Purging the digestive tracts enhances the overall quality and enjoyment of your meal.

Start by thoroughly hosing your crawfish, then rinse well before you start your crawfish boil to maximize flavor.

Availability of Live Crawfish in Your Region

We are unable to ship live crawfish to Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania. Residents in these states can enjoy our delicious pre-boiled crawfish instead.

Attention Oregon: Residents may obtain permits for live Louisiana crawfish shipments. Download an Application for Live Crawfish in Oregon

Attention Minnesota Residents may obtain permits for boiled crawfish but cannot receive live crawfish shipments. Download an Application

Thanks to changes in legislation, live crawfish are now available to our customers in Colorado.

Live Crawfish Buying FAQs

Shipping Costs for Live Crawfish?

All prices quoted include the cost of next-day delivery by FEDEX Priority to ensure peak freshness.

Cancellation Policy for Live Crawfish Orders?

Orders cancelled after placement are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Preparation for Shipping Live Crawfish?

Our crawfish undergo a rigorous cleaning and grading process before being packed in insulated coolers with gel ice to ensure they arrive in excellent condition.

Contact us at 1-504-655-9972 to place an order or for more details.

*4-5 lbs per sack is normal dead-loss from January through March and again in June because of temperature changes, molting, and fog. Later on as crawfish shells harden and the weather warms up, dead crawfish should become less of an issue. When the wild spillway crawfish kick in you should expect to see about 2-4lbs a sack. If you receive more dead-loss than this in a sack of crawfish from us, please take a video and submit a ticket on our website. Pictures are not acceptable.

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