Aunt Sally Praline Pecan Log Roll

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Original Praline Pecan Log Roll

Experience the delectable taste of the praline pecan log roll, a beloved Southern candy that combines a fluffy nougat center, a thin caramel coating, and a crunchy layer of pecan pieces. This classic treat, crafted by pecan candy experts, is perfect for family outings, holidays, or any time you crave a taste of Southern tradition.

Product Details

  • Brand: Aunt Sally's
  • Item Weight: 3 Ounces
  • Flavor: Praline
  • Item Form: Roll
  • Manufacturer: Aunt Sally's
  • Gluten-free

Ingredients and Preparation Instructions

The praline pecan log roll features a center of light, whipped nougat, dipped in a secret praline caramel mix, and hand-rolled in chopped pecan pieces. This meticulous preparation ensures a delightful texture and flavor in every bite.

Brand Information

Aunt Sally's, renowned for its high-quality pecan candies, started in the 1930s in New Orleans. Our products, including the iconic praline pecan log roll, are crafted with care and tradition, offering a true taste of Southern heritage.

History and Additional Information

The praline pecan log roll has a rich history, tracing its roots back to the creation of pralines in 17th-century France. Initially made with almonds coated in sugar, French settlers in Louisiana adapted the recipe by using locally abundant pecans and adding cream, resulting in the Southern praline. This candy became a staple in New Orleans, often sold by African-American women known as praline vendors in the French Quarter and other parts of the city​:citation[【oaicite:2】]​​:citation[【oaicite:1】]​.

Aunt Sally's, established in the 1930s by Pierre Bagur and Diane Jacquet, is a family-owned business that has preserved the traditional methods of praline making. The pecan log roll is a testament to their dedication to quality and Southern heritage. Today, Aunt Sally's continues to be a beloved brand, offering a variety of pecan treats, including the iconic pecan log roll, which is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike​:citation[【oaicite:0】]​.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main ingredients in the Original Praline Pecan Log Roll?

The main ingredients include whipped nougat, praline caramel, and chopped pecan pieces.

Is the pecan log roll gluten-free?

Yes, our pecan log roll is gluten-free, making it a perfect treat for those with gluten sensitivities.

How should I store the pecan log roll?

Store in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

A Classic Southern Treat

Indulge in the classic taste of the praline pecan log roll. With its combination of nougat, caramel, and pecans, it's a treat that embodies Southern tradition and quality. Order your 3oz log roll today and savor a piece of confectionery history.

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