Camellia Dirty Rice Cajun Seasoning Mix 8 oz

Camellia Dirty Rice Cajun Seasoning Mix 8 oz
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Camellia Dirty Rice Cajun Seasoning Mix

For generations Louisiana families have gathered to enjoy Dirty Rice, a hearty staple of Cajun cooking. Our Camellia® Brand Dirty Rice Cajun Seasoning Mix is is a perfect blend of long grain rice, authentic Cajun spices and vegetables you can use to make a delicious meal.

Why is dirty rice called dirty?

It's called Dirty Rice because the rice turns a “dirty” brown color while cooking with the diced meats and spices. You'll also hear Dirty Rice called “Cajun Rice” or “Rice Dressing”, but they're all variations of the same rice dish (they may use different types of meat or add more or less veggies, or spices).

What is the difference between dirty rice and jambalaya?

Dirty rice is always made with liver and the holy trinity (onions, bell peppers, celery) while jambalaya typically includes seafood, sausage or chicken. Creole jambalaya also includes tomatoes, which dirty rice does not.

What's another name for dirty rice?

Dirty rice is a traditional Cajun (South Louisiana) specialty. Dirty Rice gets it's name from the appearance of the finished dish. This rice dish is also called Cajun Rice and Cajun Fried Rice.

Is Dirty rice Cajun or Creole?

Dirty rice is a traditional Louisiana Cajun dish made from white rice which gets a "dirty" color from being cooked with small pieces of pork, beef or chicken, green bell pepper, celery, and onion, and spiced with cayenne and black pepper.

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