Zatarain's® Jambalaya

Zatarains® Jambalaya
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Probably one of the most celebrated names in Cajun and Creole cuisines, Zatarain’s® has been a New Orleans tradition since 1889. With a focus on good ingredients and great flavor, Zatarain’s® jambalaya highlights the true spirit of Louisiana and provides a flavorful punch to spice up any weeknight meal or special occasion. This traditional dinner dish originated as an attempt to make Spanish paella in the New World. Jambalaya, as we know it, originated in southern Louisiana as an effort to maximize resources near the bayou, where food was scarce. Although every Louisiana chef prepares jambalaya differently, this favorite rice dish usually features the Cajun Holy Trinity, seafood, sausages, or other specialty meats. This signature jambalaya mix will take your taste buds for a tour of New Orleans. Explore our inventory today to find other great meals and recipe inspirations.

Zatarain’s® jambalaya is made the traditional way with rice, spices, and your choice of meat or seafood. Many culinary enthusiasts choose to incorporate both meats and seafood for full-bodied flavors you can’t find anywhere else. Each package calls for at least one pound of meat and amounts to six servings for the whole family to share or save for lunch leftovers at the office. Jambalaya is especially delicious with chicken, ham, sausage, shrimp, or game meats. We know how busy you are, but a well-balanced diet is essential. Make dinnertime fun, fast, and easy by choosing Zatarain’s® jambalaya mix. With a total preparation time under 30 minutes, you can have dinner on the table faster than a hot knife through butter.

Discount Yes
Calories 130
Nutrition Data 1
Size 8 oz. (227g)
Protein 3
Serving per container 6
Serving Size 3 Tbsp. (38g)
Sodium 630
Sodium per unit 26
Total carbs 29
Total carbs per unit 10

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