Football Season is Upon Us

  • October 10, 2020
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Can it be possible that football season is creeping up on us? You certainly can’t tell by the temperatures, which are hovering in the high 90s down South, but it won’t be long before high school, college and professional football will rule the weekends. Whether you’re planning on tailgating or watching your favorite team on the tube, we have some fixings that can make your gathering top-notch. For example, organize what I call a “grazing menu.” Rather than cooking gumbo, chili or jambalaya, put those on hold until cooler weather sets in, and offer lots of bite-size snack food to sate those appetites. Mini crawfish and shrimp pies can be baked in advance and stored in airtight containers to bring along to serve at room temperature while you party in the parking lot before the game. Or, shove them in the oven at home and serve them hot at home gatherings. We also have Gulf shrimp that can be used for any number of easy finger foods. They can be fried, boiled or threaded on small bamboo skewers to put on the grill. Be sure to have your favorite hot sauce, cocktail sauce and tartar sauce to accompany those shrimp! I’m sure our newest recipes will inspire you.


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