Wild Dad Gift Cooler

Wild Dad Gift Cooler
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Does your Father like to live on the wild side?

The "Wild Dad" Gift cooler contains:


Alligator "Burger" Patties 4 patties (1 lb.)
MANDA'S Andouille 12 oz.
Alligator Tenderized Fillets 16 oz. (1 lb.)
SAVOIE'S Smoked Beef - Hot 16 oz. (1 lbs.)
SAVOIE'S Smoked Venison/Pork 16 oz. (1 lbs.)
DAIGLE'S Cajun Sweet Pecan Garlic Sauce 12 oz.
TABASCO Garlic Marinating Sauce 10 fl oz. (296mL)


This Cajun Gift cooler is perfect for any dad that loves Louisiana delicacies.

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