Hearty Meals For Cool Weather

  • October 10, 2020
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During the summertime, my husband and I are grill lovers. We grill everything from steaks, burgers, shrimp, fish and vegetables as well as fruit. But when the cooler months set in, I yearn for heartier meals like red beans and rice, white bean soup, and stews of all kinds---ideal to enjoy for a casual supper in our cozy kitchen or in front of the fireplace while the cold winds blow. Since the days are getting shorter and shorter, we can no longer spend a lot of time outdoors in the evenings so we usually choose to have informal dinner parties on late Sunday afternoons. This allows us to simmer a pot of beans, soup or stews long and slow for the better part of the afternoon. The aroma that wafts through the house works up our appetite. Hot French bread slathered with butter is always a good accompaniment, and warm desserts from the oven are the perfect endings to our relaxed meals.

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