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La Caboose Jelly & Sauces

Every native Louisianan loves fresh jellies, and we all know that Ms. Margaret Brinkhaus of Sunset, Louisiana makes the best jelly you can find in the Bayou. proudly offers a wide variety of La Caboose jelly, which is all handmade by Ms. Brinkhaus herself. She grows her own flowers, herbs, and fruit to produce these delicious jellies, which are made one batch at a time, hand-stirred, and then hand-poured into jars. We offer some of her most popular varieties, including the signature rose petal jelly, Mayhaw jelly, praline sauce, and so much more. Shop online and subscribe to our newsletter today, so you never miss a special or discount!


Since the Antebellum times, only the bravest Louisianans ventured into the marginal edges of the Bayou to collect a bittersweet berry that they originally served with venison, wild duck, or wild turkey. Nowadays, mayhaw berries are foraged for jellies and syrups to serve alongside ice cream, coffee cake, or biscuits. Wild Mayhaws grow beneath the hardwood timber in fertile swamplands throughout the southern United States, where they are gathered by boats with nets and scoops before being brought to the mainland. Each Mayhaw season is only three weeks long, so scrambling to find the best berries can be rough yet exciting. They’re slightly fruity like apples but with just enough zest to leave your taste buds tingling. Rose petal jelly is considered a delicacy in England, and is best served over pound cake.


Looking for something savory and intriguing? Look no further than La Caboose crawfish jelly, which can be served over cream cheese with crackers or as a delightful glaze for roast pork, chicken, or veal. Jezabel sauce features a unique mixture of sugar, vinegar, crushed pineapple, fresh horseradish, and other select ingredients. End any meal the right way with a dessert that will leave your guests begging for more. Praline sauce can be used as an ice cream topping or garnish for desserts. Creole jelly is made up of blackberry, mulberry, elderberry, and lemon juice.


Life gives us plenty of reasons to indulge in great food. La Caboose jelly should be a fixture at your dining table. Explore our La Caboose collection today to find all the sweet and savory specialties that will satisfy your cravings. While shopping, remember to register your account so you can check out faster, store multiple addresses, and track orders. If you have any questions, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance.

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  • La Caboose Creole Jelly

    La Caboose Creole Jelly

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