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LIVE Crawfish 100+ lbs Washed (FIELD RUN) price per lb

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Our Price:   $5.39
Our Price:   $5.39
LIVE Crawfish 100+ lbs Washed (FIELD RUN) price per lb is available for purchase in increments of 1

Brand:   Crawfish - Live Crawfish
Item Number:  WFLD100
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Best Price (Field Run)
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LIVE Crawfish 100+ lbs Washed (FIELD RUN) price per lb

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  • Our price includes Fedex Priority NEXT DAY so your order arrives by 12 pm NOON the next day (in most areas) and covers the cost of the crawfish.


    A $15.00 surcharge for Saturday delivery. Call us at 1-888-272-9347.


    Ingredients: LIVE Louisiana "Mudbugs"


    CajunGrocer takes extra steps to send you the freshest crawfish straight from the farm. Our crawfish are fished and shipped the same day. This shipping procedure guarantees a fresh product delivered via Fedex. Live Crawfish orders must be received before 11:00 AM CST to be shipped the next day.


    Scroll down to learn how to store, purge and boil/steam your crawfish.


    KEEPING YOUR CRAWFISH ALIVE UPON ARRIVAL If you receive your crawfish the day before your boil, simply take your crawfish sack and hose them down and place them back in a cooler with a sealed bag of ice.  Make sure to open drain hole so they won’t be submerged in standing water.  Keep them in a cool place and out of the heat. Your garage is the perfect spot until you're ready to boil.
    HOW TO PURGE YOUR CRAWFISH 1. Hose crawfish sack with water thoroughly. 2. Empty sack into cooler, ice chest or tub and rinse again (keep drain hole open). 3. Close drain hole, sprinkle 1 (16oz.) can of table salt over one sack and add enough water to cover crawfish to purge. 4. Let stand for 8 to 10 minutes. 5. Drain and repeat above process (1x or 2x).
    HOW TO BOIL YOUR CRAWFISH 1. Fill large pot with enough water to cover seafood. 2. Add our LOUISIANA FISH FRY Crawfish and Crab seasoning mix and bring to a rolling boil. 3. Add crawfish. Return to a rolling boil. Boil crawfish 5 minutes. 4. Turn fire off and let crawfish soak for 15 to 25 minutes (to you desired spice level). 5. Peel ‘em while they're hot and enjoy......


    No equipment to boil with? Check out our selection of Boiled Crawfish, delivered fresh to your door! Also, view our selection of Crawfish Boiling Equipment.


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