Dr Gumbo Orleans Sauce 2.5 lb

Dr Gumbo Orleans Sauce 2.5 lb
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Dr Gumbo Orleans Sauce - Gluten Free

This creole cream sauce is made with fresh produce, cream, butter and spices. This sauce can be used as a topping or with the addition of seafood, poultry or pasta.

Dr. Gumbo’s Orleans Sauce Serving Suggestions

Add chicken, shrimp, crabmeat, pork, or beef to Orleans Sauce & serve over your favorite pasta. 

Top an English muffin with poached eggs and crabmeat and finish off with Dr. Gumbo’s Orleans Sauce. 

Layer grilled eggplant with seafood stuffing and finish off with Orleans Sauce. 

Boil artichokes until tender then stir in olive oil and grill. Serve with Orleans Sauce for dipping. 

Top crab cakes with Orleans Sauce. 

Mix crabmeat and asparagus tips in Orleans Sauce and top a grilled or sautéed chicken breast. 

Top grilled salmon with Orleans Sauce & lump crabmeat. 

Top redfish, snapper, or trout with Orleans Sauce & baby shrimp. 

Sautee fresh zucchini & squash with Orleans Sauce. 

Mix artichoke hearts & capers with Orleans Sauce and top chicken or pork chops.

Use as a soup base and add your favorite vegetables and protein.

Top panéed veal cutlets with Orleans Sauce.

Top grilled beef or pork tenderloin medallions with Orleans Sauce and lump crabmeat. 

This is the best sauce for crab cakes. No matter which crab cakes recipe you use, this crab cakes sauce will blow your mind. 

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