Summer Seafood Delights

  • October 10, 2020
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Both shrimp and crabmeat are quite versatile. Shrimp can be boiled, broiled and fried. Toss them with your favorite pasta with a creamy sauce! Wrap them in bacon and thread them on skewers to slap on the grill. Add them to a green salad or a salad of pasta. Give them an Asian flavor and stir-fry them with vegetables to serve over rice.

Sweet, lump crabmeat can be utilized to make crab cakes (we call them crab chops in Louisiana), crab and corn bisque or a delightful cool mixture to plop on thick slices of homegrown tomatoes or on a buttery avocado half.

Marry the two for a refreshing crabmeat and shrimp remoulade to offer as an appetizer before any meal. They go well together in a casserole to serve with nothing more than hot French bread and a chilled fruit salad!

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