Thanksgiving Dinner

  • October 10, 2020
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It’s turkey time! Yep, Thanksgiving is upon us and if you haven’t given any thought to your holiday dinner, you had better get with it. There are many choices for your menu. You can, of course, roast or bake Mr. Tom Turkey and stuff him with either a rice or a cornbread dressing. Or, better yet, offer a turducken (a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey), which is the ultimate south Louisiana dish for the holidays. Get yours right here and select the kind of stuffing (pork and cornbread, pork and sausage, pork rice dressing and cornbread or seafood jambalaya) that tickles your taste buds. You might also want to try our quaducant (quail stuffed in a duck stuffed in a pheasant). WOW! Hey, serve a turducken and a quaducant and you’ll be the most popular person in your neighborhood! Both come with easy cooking instructions, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy your family and friends. Now, about those side dishes. One of my favorite dishes is a green bean casserole. You remember those, right? You can certainly make yours from scratch but if you don’t want to miss a minute of the football games on television or just want to have less kitchen time, by all means order one from us---so easy! And talking about easy, order a few bags of our corn maque choux (just like your mama used to make for you) and you’re just about set. A south Louisiana menu for the holidays wouldn’t be complete without some kind of sweet potato dish. After all, those yummy yams are one of Louisiana’s great (and good for you) contributions to the culinary world. I have a couple of recipes that are easy to make, so this can be your time to shine and you can find canned yams right here on this site.

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