• October 10, 2020
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Sometimes you need to toot your own horn and this is one of those times. Maybe some of you are great cooks, and then again, some of you may need some help.

I recommend any and all of the cookbooks we offer. Of course, I'm partial to my own WHO'S YOUR MAMA, ARE YOU CATHOLIC AND CAN YOU MAKE A ROUX?

But I won't hold it against you if you order any of the other ones. And you absolutely need some Cajun or Zydeco music CDs to get your toes tapping and set the mood for a Cajun shindig. If you don't already have that butane burner, YOU NEED ONE, along with all the gadgets to go with it---a pot, thermometer, a Tabasco apron and pot holders, and gumbo bowls. During the hot months, nothing is more refreshing than a Pat O' Brien's hurricane so you better stock up on their Hurricane Mix. Don't forget the crushed ice and rum! You're probably working up an appetite so order some crab burger to plunk on hamburger buns. Wow, what a sandwich! Dress it with garden-fresh tomatoes and dab it with tartar sauce for a real treat. Or, you could get some crabmeat with which to make a delicious casserole.

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