Acadian Kitchens

Acadian Kitchens

Acadian Kitchens

Take yourself to another time and place where culinary excellence meets the finest blend of flavors you can find without having to leave your kitchen. We at Acadian Kitchens carefully fuse authentic and diverse tastes of Louisiana's Creole and Cajun cultures to bring you traditional, bold flavors, proudly from the land.

From Louisiana’s robust, country food with French and Southern influences to the polished tastes of New Orleans, we offer the seasonings and fixings you need to create authentic, vibrant, and simply delicious dishes.

Acadian Kitchens	Gourmet Roux 16 oz

Acadian Kitchens Gourmet Roux 16 oz...

All Natural Premium Roux 16 oz Perfect for sweet gumbo, stews, and etouffeeProduct Instructions:Dis..

$630 $700 -10%

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