Dewey Balfa & Friends

Dewey Balfa & Friends
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Dewey Balfa
Description: Dewey Balfa is a soft spoken man, very alive and sensitive to what is the finest in our Cajun heritage. He is fiercely proud of that heritage and has worked hard with his music and as an ambassador of good will to promote that heritage. This CD collection is mostly hot and spicy with instrumentals driven by an undeniable rhythm and punctuated by exuberant Cajun yells. There are only four vocal selections in this collection, and Dewey is at his soulful best on all four.

Release Date: 1991 Record Label: Swallow Records


1. Grand Mamou 2. Pauvre Hobo 3. La Jolie Blonde 4. The Back Door 5. Valse De Balfa 6. Blues A Leo Soileauoute 7. Two Step A Nathan Abshire 8. Chere Tout Toute 9. J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte 10. Les Veuves De La Coulee 11. Les Flumes D'enfer 12. T'ai Petite Et T'ai Meon 13. Perrodin Two Step 14. Quand J'estais Pauvre 15. La Valse Du Canada 16. La Valse De Deux Familles 17. Cajun Fiddlesticks 18. J'ai Pleurer 19. La Reel De Joi 20. La Mauvais Nouvelle 21. Reel De Melon D'eau


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