Cartozzo's Traditional King Cake

Cartozzo's Traditional King Cake
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Our New Orleans traditional king cake starts with a moist danish dough swirled with cinnamon and sugar before getting baked into the classic king cake ring shape. Jazz up the traditional online king cake with one of our curated fillings. Whether you like fruity jams or creamy custards we’ve got the perfect options.

What really sets Cartozzo's apart is how moist and flaky the cake is - Think potato bun cinnamon roll - in a good way.

We pride ourselves on an airy, delectable treat that fulfills any dessert craving for Mardi Gras or any other occasion!

Try our award winning, handmade King Cakes in any flavor. Our original recipe dates back to the 60’s. Pick any flavor, and have them shipped anywhere in the country!

Large King Cake Feeds 10-12 people.

King Cake Delivery - Each Cartozzo's king cake is shipped with icing and decorating sugar in packs, allowing you to customize your own cake, and avoids the icing getting damaged by shipping. Plus decorating your king cake with children can be a fun time. 

King Cake Tradition - This is a King Cake kit containing a fully baked king cake, icing packet, and a pack of purple, green, and gold sugar packets.

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