Cajun Chef Gallon Green Tomato Pickles

Cajun Chef Gallon Green Tomato Pickles
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Cajun Chef Gallon Green Tomato Pickles

The great people at Cajun Chef who are known for their pickled vegetables have decided to pickle green tomatoes and you have to try them to understand how good they are. Thickly diced green tomatoes are pickled in the perfect brine solution that only Cajun Chef could make.

These selected green tomatoes are diced and packed in a spicy-sweet vinegar. Serve as a garnish or side dish. Particularly good with fried fish.

Cajun Chef of Louisiana has made the most delicious pickled green tomatoes in the country. You have to try these, you can't just eat one!

Lane Hollis 2021-06-19 10:59:26

The perfect side dish to compliment your fish fry or barbecue.

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