Captain Griswold Espresso Especiale Single Serve Box of 10

Captain Griswold Espresso Especiale Single Serve Box of 10
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Captain Griswold Espresso Especiale™ Single Serve - Unleash the Boldness with New England Coffee

Unveil the Boldness: Captain Griswold Espresso Especiale Single Serve Coffee

Immerse yourself in the unique flavor of Captain Griswold Espresso Especiale™, a standout blend from New England Coffee. This dark roast coffee is a salute to Captain Griswold's audacious spirit, offering a smooth, dark beer taste with a heavy body that sets it apart from the crowd.

Every cup of this extraordinary blend delivers a smooth, dark beer taste, forming a flavor profile that is both complex and satisfying. The coffee is conveniently portioned in single-serve cups, ensuring a perfect brew every time.

Whether it's the start of a new day or a mid-afternoon energy boost, Captain Griswold Espresso Especiale™ provides a coffee experience that is truly unique.

Distinctive Features of Captain Griswold Espresso Especiale™

  • Brand: New England Coffee
  • Blend: Captain Griswold Espresso Especiale™
  • Roast: Dark
  • Flavor Profile: Smooth, Dark Beer Taste
  • Format: Single Serve Cups (10 Count Box)

SKU and Additional Details

SKU: 7-87780-60162-6

Revolutionary Brewing: A Tribute to Captain Griswold

Captain Griswold was a pioneer in brewing, shifting America’s tastes to coffee during the Boston Tea Party. Today, we honor his legacy with our stronger, bolder, and smoother brews, crafted with the same revolutionary fervor in New England, where we've been drinking coffee like it’s 1773.

Embracing the Legacy of Captain Griswold with Espresso Especiale™

Introducing the Espresso Especiale™, a bold dark roast that encapsulates Captain Griswold's legacy and the spirit of New England in every cup. Our family-owned business, with a century of experience, guarantees a consistent taste and quality that sets us apart.

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