GW Fins BBQ Shrimp Butter

GW Fins BBQ Shrimp Butter
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GW Fins BBQ Shrimp Butter has everything you need to make the exact same recipe used in the G.W. Fins restaurant to

make our famous BBQ shrimp (just add shrimp).

Serve with grits, French bread, rice, or whatever you like

Unit Size: 8 oz.

GW Fins BBQ Shrimp Butter Cooking Instructions:

Sauce works best thawed in the refrigerator but can be used frozen.

Sauté shrimp in a touch of butter, when shrimp is almost cooked through add a splash of your favorite beer(optional),

then stir in cold BBQ butter to make to make rich and creamy GW Fins BBQ shrimp.

With 2 pounds of shrimp serves 4

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