Jazzmen - White Rice 28 oz Pouch Bag

Jazzmen - White Rice 28 oz Pouch Bag
  • Brand: Jazzmen
  • Product Code: 851519002005
  • UPC Code : 851519002005
  • $3.82
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Jazzmen Rice mills our harvest in the most sanitary and temperature controlled mills of South Louisiana; we "flash" package our rice in the same facilities that mill the rice and that helps to capture maximum freshness and then we store our packaged harvest in temperature controlled warehouses. When you get Jazzmen Rice at your grocery, it has not spent months being shipped in climate environs or large vessels into the U.S. from Asia, like most other aromatic rice. And Jazzmen Rice is guaranteed to have the best aromatic flavors of superior long stem rice. Grown in the USA, Gluten Free

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