Seafood Boil Seasoning Bundle

Seafood Boil Seasoning Bundle
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Oak Grove Swamp Fire Sak Pak & 16 Ounce Bottle of Liquid Louisiana Liquid Crawfish, Crab and Shrimp Boil 

To spice up your favorite seafood, use Swamp Fire Seafood Boil (salt included)

Use more or less seasoning depending on your taste and the size of the seafood you are boiling.

Nothing tastes better than boiled seafood from Louisiana. Recreate that great taste in your own home with the wonderful flavor of Swampfire Seafood Boil.

The seafood boil for all of your seafood cookouts. Swamp Fire is one of the few "No MSG" crawfish boils on the market. This crawfish, crab, and shrimp boil is known for its slight lemon flavor with a generous heat- a must for crabs, shrimp & crawfish.

Unit Size: 4.5 lbs

Ingredients: Salt, Spices, Onion, Dextrose, Natural and Artificial Lemon Flavors. No MSG.

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