Double D Smoked Sausage 5 lb pack

Double D Smoked Sausage 5 lb pack
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Double D Smoked Sausage 5 Pound pack

Savor the authentic taste of Louisiana with our Double D Smoked Sausage.

This 5 lb pack, perfect for gatherings, is filled with Cajun-style sausages made from premium pork cuts and a unique blend of spices.

Pre-cooked for convenience, these sausages offer a smoky and mildly spicy flavor that can be enjoyed grilled, pan-fried, or baked.

Whether served on a charcuterie board, in sandwiches, salads, or pasta dishes, Double D Smoked Sausage is a versatile delight that brings the essence of Cajun cuisine to your table.

UPC: 0-12463-00010-7

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