The History of Festival International de Louisiane

Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Family Band performing.

In 1987, a group of individuals in Lafayette, Louisiana, had a rather unique idea. They decided to create a cultural heritage celebration that would, in the words of the Festival International Mission Statement, “enrich the community with a celebration of its native cultures through performing arts.” While known for its rich Cajun culture, Louisiana has always been a melting pot of ethnicities. The creation of Festival International de Louisiane was a sincere and successful effort to bring people together in a universal appreciation of the arts, food and good times. It remains, however, an especially important event for Francophones and […]

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Crawfish Boil Variations

Boiled crawfish in yellow tray.

Springtime here in Louisiana is crawfish season. While preparing this freshwater staple of our local cuisine might look easy, many Cajun cooks have their own special crawfish boil variations using a complex combination of different seasonings and sides. All of the methods, however, have something in common. They serve up an authentic taste of Cajun Country in every bite. The Common Elements of Cooking Crawfish Despite the differences in how some cooks prepare crawfish, there are a few important essentials upon which all agree. The first and foremost of these is using live crawfish. It’s the only way to get […]

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The History of the Louisiana Crawfish Boil

Louisiana Crawfish Boil

One of the first things you’ll notice about the culture here in South Louisiana is our appreciation of family, friends and good food. Meals aren’t just a way to satisfy our hunger. They’re a way for us to bond and share the Cajun way of life with others. Few gatherings satisfy this desire better than a good old fashioned crawfish boil. Louisiana Backyard Culture As soon as our brief winter season has passed and the weather turns mild again, those of us in Louisiana begin to make our way outdoors. It’s a good thing our winters are short because most […]

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Seafood Season = Lenten Season

Louisiana Blue Point Crabs

We’re kind of famous in Louisiana for seafood, but nothing beats the taste of the fresh seafood that is prepared during the Lenten season. Dining out in a Louisiana seafood restaurant during Lent is something you should add to your list of musts if you plan on visiting us in the late “winter” or early spring, just after Mardi Gras. What is Lenten Season? Faith and tradition still occupy a special place in South Louisiana. If you visit, you’ll find that religious traditions influence many aspects of our local culture. Foremost among these is the observance of the Lenten season. […]

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What Is Mardi Gras?

Courir de Mardi Gras

“Laissez les bons temps rouler!” is something we say often in South Louisiana, especially as the New Year comes and we prepare to celebrate Mardi Gras. It means, “Let the good times roll!” You see, the holiday season doesn’t end here on January 1st. We let the good times roll right on through February and March as we enjoy one of the most fun-filled aspects of our unique culture. The History of Mardi Gras The origins of Mardi Gras, or Carnival as it is known in other countries, far exceed the arrival of the Cajun people in Louisiana. Many believe […]

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What Makes it Cajun?

Authentic Cajun Emblem

Here in Louisiana, good food and good times are an essential part of our culture. We don’t just cook special meals for birthday or holiday celebrations, either. The Cajun people embrace fine eating 365 days a year. If you make it down our way for a visit, you’ll quickly discover there are a few things that really distinguish Cajun dining. Family and Friends You might be surprised that the first item on this list isn’t a food or one of Louisiana’s legendary seasonings at all. First and foremost, Cajun meals are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. Sharing […]

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History of the Mardi Gras King Cake

King Cake

If you’ve had the chance to visit South Louisiana, you know that the culture is quite unlike any other, especially when it comes to food. Cajun Country is filled to the brim with an abundance of culinary traditions, but the Mardi Gras king cake may rank as one of the most popular—and well known. This treat continues to reign supreme during Mardi Gras season for Louisianians and travelers alike. But before you dive hand-first into your own freshly sliced king cake, let’s take a trip back to learn more about how the king cake first came into power.   Long […]

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Top Cajun New Year’s Resolutions


After its long-anticipated close, 2016 is finally over.     Although we’re sure you’ve seen the ubiquitous New Year’s Resolution posts graze across your social media channels at least once every hour (for the past week)…we’ve decided it’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon! As we look forward in 2017, here are our top resolutions for a ‘New Year, New Me’ — the Cajun way!     Lose Weight First things first, I’m switching to Bud Light…gotta start somewhere.     Challenge Myself Some people want to run a marathon, but me? My goal is to PR in […]

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Like a lot of us in the Deep South, my husband is wishing for cooler weather. As sad as I am to bid adieu to summertime, I have to admit that cooler weather will be more than welcome after the hot, hot days of August. A change in the season also means modification in the foods we eat. While I’m not yet ready to close down my outdoor grill, I know that the first cold front will set the tone for heartier dishes, like gumbos and stews, as well as what Papa used to call low-down home-cooked food—pork chops, lima […]

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Christmas is Coming!

It’s not too early to begin your Christmas wish list. If you don’t already have your seafood boiling rig that can also double as a turkey-frying pot, you MUST get one. Don’t forget the propane gas burner to go with it. It’s simply a must-have for year-round use. Once you have taken care of yourself, then begin making your gift-giving list. The Tabasco gumbo bowls are great for, well gumbo, but they are also perfect to use for homemade soups and stews. Get yourself a set of four, and you might also consider giving a set to each of your […]

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